Book Talk I 1/19/18

Book Talk 1/19/18 Traci Kenworth   Guardians of Secrets (The Library Jumpers #2) Brenda Drake. Feb. 7th, 2017. Entangled, Teen. Netgalley. YA Fantasy.   Saving him could end her world. Being a Sentinel isn’t all fairytales and secret gardens. Sure, jumping through books into the world’s most beautiful libraries to protect humans from mystical creatures […]

Reading Links 1/ 16 /18

Reading Links 1/16/18 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Her wishes for an angelic saviour see her staggering drunkenly to a bridge overlooking the river, as she tries to replicate a scene from the movie. But instead of an angel, a vampire appears and bites her. Wounded physically and mentally by the disaster aboard the […]

Writing Links 1/15/18

Writing Links 1/15/18 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: “a fictitious news report.” Trouble brewing for sure. “Misdirection fascinates me.” A handy trick to practice. “This post is more about the mentality of an innocent bystander than how to use them because they’re fairly simple.” I sometimes give them as much trouble as my […]


Hiatus till mid-Jan. Traci Kenworth   I just wanted to say: I’ve met the most wonderful authors in all of you over the past couple years. I wanted to thank Craig (C.S. Boyack) for giving me advice on how commenting with each link would spice up my blog. It has, and I appreciated his willingness […]