The Suicides by Traci Kenworth.

I Turned Around by Inessa Emilia
I Turned Around by Inessa Emilia


The Suicides   

Traci Kenworth   



            I pulled Wade’s jacket around me tighter as I stared out across the lake. The mist was moving in and I shivered. Six years. It had been that long since my sister stood on the bridge directly over from here and took her life. She hadn’t been alone that night, I reminded myself. No. There had been four boys and two other girls. Only two of whom had been friends. My sister and Ilene. What had possessed them that night? Had they thought everything so meaningless?   

            The chill of the night bit in further.   

            Why, Jillian?   

            Wasn’t our family enough to keep you? Didn’t you breathe hope into your future, if you’re present stunk so badly?   

            I heard something moving further down the dock. Wade. What had took him? The mist had deepened over the lake and was now starting to curl its fingers around the bottom of the old stone bridge a few yards over from me. I straightened as I felt warm breath on my neck.   

            “Wade, you’re such an animal.”   

            No answer came, just the slightest pressure of lips on my skin.   

            I shivered with anticipation. Just let go, girl, the kisses seemed to demand. Little trails of heat drenched my body and I felt him wrap his arms about my shoulders. Eyes closed, I sighed with pleasure. The kisses deepened, leaving what felt like pucker-marks along my flesh. This was new. I laughed. “Oh, Wade, don’t stop.”   

            I felt his tongue run along my hairline. Soft, moist.   

            From the end of the dock, I heard what sounded like plops in the water but paid them no mind. All that mattered was this. Wade and me. Forever.   

            He lifted my hair and snuggled against the back of the coat, his hands slowly peeling the fabric from me. I would have turned into his kiss then but he held me firm. Moaning, I felt his fingers play with the straps of my halter top. When they were loose, I laid my head back against his shoulder. His hands fell to my waist and urged me closer. I felt teeth scrape the junction of my shoulder. More new.   

            “What the hell?” I heard Wade say and opened my eyes, confused. He was standing in front of me, two cups of steaming coffee is his hand.   

            “W-Wade?” I whispered even as the creature behind me bit into my jugular.   

            He dropped the cups and reached for my arm as I felt myself yanked close to whatever was behind me and dragged down into the water. I fought to reach the surface, to escape my attacker but it was no use, his hold was iron-clad. In the dark blue of the water, I saw his face and shuddered. What looked like a zombie pulled me deeper under. All at once, I saw others surrounding me. Faces of those lost to the bridge. I screamed and found myself being lifted out of the water.   

            Wade. He’d saved me!   

            He purged the liquid from my system and I jerked like a fish before I breathed in new life.   

            “What the hell was that?” he demanded as the mist crept closer.   

            I nuzzled his cheek in answer then took a bite.   

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9 thoughts on “The Suicides by Traci Kenworth.

  1. awesome Traci, not even my genre but i want to read more! love your style and the way you draw me into your story . you are da bomb girlie!


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