Review: The Mockingjay


Let me just say that I loved this series by Suzanne Collins. The heroine, Katniss Everdeen, is likeable, spunky, someone to root for. Plus there are two boys in her life to keep you enthralled. The world is well built, downright scary to imagine and all the players fit well into it. I’ve seen the growth arc between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale as well as some minor characters. The Mockingjay begins with Katniss recovering after the end of the Quarter Quell(games where the contestants fight to the death.) She has lost Peeta and her spirit in the war that follows.

The Rebellion wants to use her(as in earlier books she was used by the Capital)to promote their war. But with her faith shaken, she is reluctant to take on the job as their “mascot” without certain conditions met. As this takes place, an interview comes from the capital and Katniss learns Peeta is still alive. And angered over the Rebels attacks and using her as a symbol for the war. Indications that he’s being manipulated by the capital take flight.

Meanwhile, Gale hopes to win her over to “his” side. Katniss becomes empowered over President Snow‘s treatment of Peeta and the people of the districts to take a stand. Unfortunately, she has an enemy in the Rebel leader, Coin. When Peeta is rescued, Katniss again becomes shaken to find that he has been programmed to kill her. After an assassination attempt is announced for Snow, Katniss makes sure she is on the team. She never suspects Peeta will be part of the attack or that she’ll have to protect herself from him as well as the Capitalists.

This book was an easy read and kept me on my toes until almost the end. I have to admit that I thought it was a bit rushed and I would have liked to see Katniss take more of a role in the final battle. A death near the end also didn’t set well with me. I had to read it a couple of times to realize who died. I felt that didn’t make sense and was too convenient. Also, the aftermath of the war didn’t leave her in any better position, I felt, than before the war. Her heart had finally made its choice(which I was thrilled with)but, again, I thought she’d be a part of the rebuilding of the districts. Instead, it seems she becomes almost a sidenote. Sad, in itself.

It was definitely my least favorite book due to the ending, but I am looking forward to seeing what else Collins comes up with and will definitely be there for The Hunger Games movies.

4 thoughts on “Review: The Mockingjay

  1. See, that’s why I quit reading after book one. I started book two, but didn’t care for where it was going. And then I read the synopsis…… So yeah. But I’m glad you liked the series! I do love her writing!


  2. She is definitely a powerful writer and her characters are appealing as well. I don’t regret reading the series, just wish the ending wasn’t so rushed and a tad depressing.


  3. See, I loved all three books. There were a couple of scenes at the end that I felt could’ve been drawn out more, like I wanted to know more what happened and how things changed etc.

    But overall, it was definitely worth the journey!


  4. Oh, I did love them, Rebekah. I just wished the ending had been done differently. But it all boils down to the author’s vision, so she brought it to the conclusion, I think, that worked for Katniss. I just felt like I was caught in a flash-forward past the war to the devastating end. We all write stories that don’t come to the finality that others like, I’m sure, so I can’t hold her at fault. I REALLY adored the characters. I think she had a well-developed world that I wouldn’t want to visit. lol. But I so enjoyed spending time with the books and like I told Vanessa, I don’t regret at all reading them. I think she’s one of the best writers out there. And I DEFINITELY look forward to more of her writing.


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