Eek, The Answer to Where I’d Go During Zombie Apocalypse

The typical zombie.
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Eeek…The Answer to Where I’d Go During a Zombie Apocalypse(and Other Little Horrors)

Traci Kenworth


Okay, so me and the ladies we’re talking a bit about what we’d do if zombies suddenly occupied the streets. For me, living out in Amish country, I’d be a little late to the news. And I couldn’t rely on the absence of anything on the TV stations as the cable goes out here when the wind blows. I don’t listen to the radio except while in my car, so hopefully that would be the case. I don’t have access to an underground shelter or a refuge of weapons to maim and decapitate the undead ala Zombieland. The best I could do is run.

I always figured if Carrie Ryan’s world (The Forest of the Hands and Teeth) came to pass, I’d be safer out here in the country. But alas, I’m informed I’d be on their to-do meal list as they’d all be heading from the cities straight toward us. What’s a single mother to do? The first place I’d go, of course, is the school but then, their parking lots would probably be infested and I’d have to do some quick thinking (picture lots of screaming and running) to get my kids and me out of there. Oh, if only we lived nearby Sunnydale, California’s sewers—Uh, on second thought, that’d place me on another menu.

Having maneuvered my way past the stragglers, I’d have to find my family next. Which would mean, heading toward the more populated areas, right into zombie heartland. Eek. Can anyone say baseball bat? It’d be my trusty ally. Well, that and my car. Pray it doesn’t give out or become mass-attacked by all those bodies. No, it’s not looking good for me. And the last thing I need is to be one of those gooey, icky, scraggle-haired fiends out for brains, or flesh, or whatever the heck they eat nowadays.

I have enough of a hard time fitting in now, with my writerly ways. Lol.

Can you imagine with my zero fashion sense nowadays, how quickly I’d fall short of the pack?

No, definitely don’t want to end up a zombie.

Or one of the living dead.

I think I’ll stick with the lot the good Lord gave me and stay out of forests with any kind of hands and teeth—

2 thoughts on “Eek, The Answer to Where I’d Go During Zombie Apocalypse

  1. LOL my hubby and I have talked about this several times. The whole what if thing. We decided we’d stay at our house. We’re safest there. I mean we can board up windows, we already have guns/knives etc, food. We’d stay on one level of the house, and stay hidden. GREAT POST!!!orchard we’d be able to get food (LOL). GREAT post.s several times. The whole what if thing. We decided we’d stay at our house. We’re safest there. I mean we can b


  2. Lol, I thought about staying home, there’s only one level to defend, but I’d want to make sure everyone I cared about was safe, so that would put me in the danger zone with the zombies. Plus, Carrie Ryan’s book takes place way back in the yonder, and I’m afraid that we’d end up like that. Food for the slaughter. Eek.


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