Medieval Times

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Medieval Times

Traci Kenworth


I suggest if you’re ever in the area of one of these fairs, you go. It was an absolutely enchanting experience to walk back in time and see how things were done. We all dressed as our favorite medieval characters. Arwen, three pirates, a swordsman, and a noblewoman. I went as the noblewoman. I’m not sure exactly what I was suspecting, but it was well worth the visit.

We got to see the King and Queen and their court, though my pictures of them were rare and too distant to get the real impact. We saw knights joust, pirates fight for their gold, highland games, and listened to medieval songs. The food was extra greasy but delicious. Then there were the plays. Hopeless Romantics used the audience to act out Romeo and Juliet in a comical way (yes, it can be done and was quite enjoyable.).

I have to say my favorite was the jousting. It was done with such authentic detail that it was magical. You got to cheer on your favorite knight (Sir Garwin) and jeer the least favorite and cheater (Sir Aric). Poor Sir Garwin lost but he had charmed the crowd so, we cried foul as he did when Sir Aric was pronounced champion. Let me tell you, I would not want to be wearing that heavy armor (especially in the heat). It was bad enough in our period clothes. Afterwards, we got to greet the knights and their horses.

We watched the village fool do numerous tricks. Including shooting fire from his bare hand. It was amazing and not something for the faint of heart. Gypsies read your fortune. There were more booths than you can imagine with trinkets, jewels, costumes, swords, candles, masks, and on and on. They even sold the full knight’s armor. Most vendors were willing to give out cards for later date purchases.

You can be assured I will go to this next year and many years after, it was that fun. It was nice to relax in an era that inspires you to believe in magic (Yes, there were also faeries, elves, wizards and the like.) and the noble heart. We went during pirate week, but there are many different variations: knights and dragons, for instance. There’s even a knighting ceremony held.

So if you’re ever able to get to one of these fairs, I encourage you to go. The simplicity and romance of the times is enchanting (though I wouldn’t have wanted to live in the actual times, I enjoyed visiting it). I think it will even lead to a story or two.

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