Life-Lessons Learned from Writing

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Life-Lessons I’ve Learned From Writing

Traci Kenworth



  1. 1.      Be confidant: One of the hardest things I’ve learned is to have confidence in myself. I felt lost in all areas of my life, struggling to find my way to the shoreline when it came to everything. But then I started to write and the pieces slowly came together. I could look at other places I thought I’d messed up and see that I hadn’t done half-as-bad as I thought. Writing made me happier too. My kids noticed it. My family and friends, even co-workers. I was in my element. With everything before me and nothing impossible.
  2. 2.      Pride. Now this is a delicate one to handle. You don’t want too much of it to become overbearing to others. Just a tad is enough. But, yes, here was that piece I’d missed all my life when I turned around. A tragic marriage stole a lot from me. God gave it back to me in my words in a story. They stir my heart and make me see the dynamics in what I’m doing.
  3. 3.      Hope. This brings us to the next stage of our career. Reaching out to others doesn’t seem that far away in the written word. I want to give back to my readers what I had taken from me. I want to show them they don’t have to live among lies and threats. I want to show them that there are caring, wonderful people out there who want to make a difference in their lives. Without hope, we’re lost. Let’s sprinkle that among our readers, dare them to believe the truths: that we can do anything through God that strengthens us. We are a country built on that fact. Let’s not lose it in life. Bring back the spirit of the survivors and the quest for a new life.
  4. 4.      Faith. Now you might think it’s funny that I used that word when it comes to writing but faith is the companion of those above. When you have faith, you can do anything, succeed at anything, carry yourself through the heartaches and lean years. Our ancestors counted on such strength to push them through the hard times, we can do the same when it comes to the publishing industry. Just hang in there, do your best, and most important of all: send that material out.
  5. 5.      Prosperity. I know, that’s sounds funny coming from someone with my income. But I’m talking about the urge to turn your bank account into a profit again, to save money, to cut your debts out. Writing has inspired me, even when things were bad, that they don’t have to stay that way. The challenge is to try and turn things around. And once you try, you set yourself up to succeed. So those are the lessons writing has brought into my life. They may sound strange to you, but every day I write I learn something new. Whether during my research, writing my story, or just taking notes, something strikes me and turns my life around. What are some of the lessons writing has taught you?



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