Notes to Self


Notes to Self

Traci Kenworth


  1. Read for enjoyment as well as to study my craft.
  2. Read widely, not just in my genre, but both fiction and non-fiction.
  3. Write as often and as regularly as I can.
  4. Don’t limit myself in terms of what I think I can accomplish.
  5. Do my best to learn my craft.
  6. Learn from my mistakes.
  7. Continue to make friends and contacts with others in the writing world.
  8. Listen when called for.
  9. Communicate.
  10. Don’t give up.

5 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. GREAT notes!!!
    Never ever give up.

    I have my favorite quote tacked on the wall right behind my computer. “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.” Lord Byron.

    And I have a ‘name card’ also tacked up there. Lynn: “Flowing Brook.”



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