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Book Review

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandre Clare

Traci Kenworth


The City Of Fallen Angels is Book Four in Cassandre Clare’s YA Supernatural: The Mortal Instruments series. We find Simon still a bit lost in who he is, what he’s meant to be in this world, do. Clary is still unsure of herself, of Jace. And trouble is brewing in the form of a former head vampire’s return to the city who wishes Simon’s assistance is regaining her hold on the city, deaths of shadowhunters, Jace’s dreams, cloaked assassins who continually seek out Simon and fall to their deaths due to his Mark of Cain, not to mention, dating troubles.

Life is supposed to be falling together for all as Clary’s mother Jocelyn and Luke, leader of the local wolf pack, are getting married; but as everyone rendezvous for the big engagement party, a Greater demon rises from the shadows intent on creating her own army with the help of Jace. Clary tries desperately to stop her but once again finds herself caught in a circle between life and death with Jace and Simon on the losing ends.

There is so much more to this book, but I don’t want to give it all away. Just run to your local bookstore or library and pick up a copy. It’s well worth it. Clare spins a magical web with her characters and they don’t disappoint from leads to minors. She had me guessing what was going on right up to the end, such is her talent. I’ve loved this series from the get-go and will continue to follow it if this book is anything to go by.




  1. Traci,
    I really enjoyed this one too. I liked seeing more of Simon and getting a feel for him. And I have to say the ending was OMG crazy! Can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the series.

    I hope we eventually get to see Clary and Jace have some time together that isn’t interrupted by the craziness around them.

    Oh, and I loved the new characters introduced too!


  2. It was fantastic, wasn’t it? I had to admit I wasn’t too keen about Jaden at first, but he won me over by the end and I always like Maia. And how kooky was Maureen? I’m betting we see more of her and I wouldn’t count Camille out either. I loved the relationships all-around. And, yes, Jace and Clary deserve some happiness as does Simon. I hope he’s found it at last. And the ending totally rocked!! Can’t wait to see how Clare works things out in the next one!!


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