Why Following Other Blogs is Important

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Why Following Other Blogs is Important

Traci Kenworth


I’ve recently begun to check out more and more blogs recommended to me by fellow bloggers. Why is that important? Well, not only does it help out others with an increase in their traffic flow, but it also allows us to see what we can do with our own topics. We learn to explore, open up about things we may not have in the past. Plus, it’s just darn right fun to explore authors contributions to the web. Everything is out there from recipes to writing advice, sewing to parenting tips, and humor to lists to help your organize your day-to-day life.

There’s such a wealth of information at our fingertips today. All we have to do is look. So, when I saw Nicole Pyle’s blogging tour suggestions, I decided to take the routes indicated and ended up adding to my subscriptions. Then came other suggestions via twitter. Pretty soon, I had a dozen to look over. And you know what? I came to find nuggets in each. Following bloggers also brought new guests to my own site. So it’s a win, win situation. You learn something, you give something. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing friendly faces visit us. It helps cheer our day.

So come join me. Take a ride on a blogging tour. Look up some of the ladies suggested in the right column or here’s a dabbling of names: Nicole Pyles, Stina Lindenblatt, Danyelle Leafty, Lynn Rush, and Laura Pauling to name a few. Check out their people, check out their people’s people, and so on. You’ll find those you like along the way. Oh, and don’t, forget agent’s blogs. They’re invaluable tools in your journey.



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