Five Things for Inspiration


Five Things for Inspiration

Traci Kenworth


In no particular order of importance:

  1. Music. Whatever kind you like, play it soft, play it loud, anyway you want. Fantastic for inspiring stories, movie scripts, what have you.
  2. Books. Sometimes it’s a character, sometimes the setting, that bounces of the page and gives you a new idea for a story. Note: Not suggesting you plagiarize but you can say write a book about vampires and werewolves versus aliens and that would be a twist. Lol.
  3. Movies/TV. Same here, sometimes an actor/actress inspires you to write a story for him/her or they fit exactly what you’ve looking for in regards to your hero/heroine.
  4. News stories. Headlines can and do influence a writer’s contents at times. Whether it’s a tiny story on page 4 or front page news, it could end up being a stepping stone on your path to success.
  5. Conversations around you. Yes, everybody eavesdrops. To make sure we’re hip to the latest teen actions/reactions to things. To get our characters’ voices just right. There are thousands of reasons.

These are just five, I’m sure you can come up with dozens more. Whatever you choose they can lead to a beautiful love story, a heart-felt confession, a hero to die for, a kick-ass heroine. The possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself from exploring things. You never know what you’ll find.

So what inspires you?

8 thoughts on “Five Things for Inspiration

  1. Boy. You and I have the same taste!!! Music, Movies, Books are my top three. Exercise and people watching at coffee houses/airports inspires me, too!! 🙂

    Write on, my friend!


  2. A good read from an admired author, a touch of music to set a mood…besides dumping myself out on a mountain top, few things inspire me better. But you’re right in the end – the possibilities are limitless; one never knows quite what random little facet of a day might inspire new works…


  3. I’d have to say music, books, and pictures. Sometimes I’ll see a picture of someone or someplace and immediately I start playing “what if or what are they thinking” etc. So yeah, there seems to be a lot of places for inspiration…


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