Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

Traci Kenworth


The stockings are hung, the Christmas tree decorated, and my Nativity set out on its table. Seeing these items brings to mind cherished holidays from years past as well as looking forward to making new memories. I even took pictures on my cellphone, not that I’ve figured out how to send them yet, or even post them online. Lol. I’m not a techy person, but I hope to learn.

The most important and heartwarming decoration out is my Nativity scene. A few years ago my sister got a new stable for hers, and gave me her simple wood one to house mine in. Before that, the figures had always stood in the open. Now it seems more—at peace. I couldn’t find my baby Jesus this year, so had to take one from my other set. It fits well though, even though the other figurines are so much more detailed. I’ve added another cow and a donkey to the setting this year.

Next on my list of favorites is the Christmas tree. Growing up, my mom didn’t like the mess one made, so we sometimes had a small artificial tree, but more often—none at all. I want the kids to look at those lights like I do, and find the magic that goes with the season. Although admittedly, the tree looks kind of sad this year because we can’t put bulbs on due to our cats (well, unless I luck out and find some unbreakable ones anyway.). So just garland light and a few bulbs (like three). Lol.

And then there are the stockings. I like them because they hide such treasures. You never know what you’re getting with them. So they’re fun to explore. There are so many other little things that come together to make Christmas. Candles. Songs. Santa. Snowmen and angels. Old movies and cartoons. Treasured, priceless gifts the kids made over the years. I’m grateful and thankful for it all.

So what are some of your favorites?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. As a teen, I used to love hanging the Christmas tree decorations on the low branches so that the cats could swipe at them. It provided hours of entertainment for me and the cats. My mom wasn’t impressed, especially when she came down every morning to smashed decorations. 🙂

    I love how excited the kids are at this time of year. My 7 yo spent Sunday putting out the decorations (we don’t have a tree yet). She did an amazing job.


    1. I have such older, fragile bulbs passed down from the generations and although I treasure them, I don’t want to hang them for fear of their being shattered. I’m looking into purchasing shatterproof ones (sigh) but it just won’t be the same. Nor can I put the ceramic pieces the kids have made over the years (14 and 12 going on 13) up. It just makes me a little sad to lose out on the memories of Christmas’ past. When the kittens settle in, by next year or so, we should be able to put the full effects back up. 🙂


  2. I love the nativity too. Mine is my grandmother’s that my mom gave to me when I moved out. Its the one I remember playing with at Christmas. To this day, one of the sheep always grazes on the roof of the stable, because when I was a kid, that’s where I always left him, no matter how many times someone put him back where he belonged!

    So sad about the Christmas tree. I think the dollar store sells plastic bulbs. Not as pretty as glass, but cat proof! We have the same problem – but my cat’s too lazy to jump very high, so we put the “cat safe” ornaments on the bottom of the tree. lol


    1. I have one that is too lazy too care about the bulbs or the tree too, but we have two somewhat-still kittens (a little over a year) and they’re rambunctious and fascinated about “climbing” the tree. Lol. I think of that Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation where the cat gets caught in the branches. So hilarious.


  3. We put up our tree this past weekend and set up our glass nativity set. I think one of my favorite things to do is turn on the Christmas music low and turn out all the living room lights and just have on the tree lights. There’s something so serene about it.

    Yeah, we’ve had to take to putting all our ornaments up high so the animals leave them alone. I think I have to worry more about out six kids wrestling in the living room (and knocking stuff down (LOL).


  4. Me, too, Rebekah (on the turning lights off to see Christmas decorations, the music going). I’m seriously considering splurging on some shatterproof ones till the kittens are “old” enough to appreciate being lazy like our 2 1/2 year-old cat. Lol.


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