Stocking Hung with Cheer

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Stockings Hung with Cheer

Traci Kenworth


Don’t you just love peeking into stockings on Christmas Day? There’s such a wonder, an excitement of what treasure you might find hiding there, waiting to be discovered. It could be a small gift, such as personalized pens (a favorite of mine) or something larger, such as perfume. There’s chocolate usually too, and who doesn’t love some to keep you motivated on the latest chapter, query, or deadline you’re on?

The latest software for writers, or newest version of Word or Wordperfect would be a nice touch, but sometimes it’s supporting the fellow author in your family that makes the best gift. Just letting him or her know that you care, listen to ideas that might not make any sense until they’re put down on paper, springing for that cup of coffee to offer companionship in an often isolated profession, all these things work together to make a perfect touch to the season.

Here are some nice ideas if you’re looking to help out the novelist you know: Notebooks (yes, the same spiral kind you buy your kids for school will work) in all shapes sizes, prints, and colors. We use them for character sketches, plot ideas, or world-building purposes among others. As mentioned above, pens go a long way toward making that tidbit spring into a full blown story idea. Coffee or tea cups, for that beverage of choice to wake up the muse for the day. Sticky notes or cubed memos, more scratch paper for inspiration to write that bestseller.

A dictionary or thesaurus, a writer’s best friends. New mousepads, mouses, computers (at the high-end of things and one you’ll need a BIG stocking for, lol.), lotion for all those dry hands from paper scuffing, computer paper, ink, little boxes for notes, and bigger boxes for shipping manuscripts. There are calendars, corkboards, appointment books, staplers, and paper weights. Disks or flash drives. External hard drives, I find are better but to each his/her own. A good desk, office space, a light that mounts on your desk, the list goes on and on.

So you see, you can bring miles of excitement to a writer’s life with just a few simple thoughts and when they hit the bookstores with their novel, you can be sure you’ll be on their list of people to thank. What are some of your favorite gifts to receive this time of year?

6 thoughts on “Stocking Hung with Cheer

  1. I just bought myself some new spiral notebooks for plotting, a five-subject notebook for…well, I just love the thickness of them. And I’m about to put together my new desk chair. I’m so excited. The desk is in a corner of the kitchen and I used to share it with my son. Now that I’ve put a desk in his room, it’s totally mine. Bwahahaha! You’d think I just won a million dollars and they’re just spiral notebooks. 🙂


    1. Oh, I would love to receive some spiral notebooks for Christmas, Jenn!! They’re so full of possibilities. I understand about the office too!! Getting “our own little corner” can be akin to winning the lottery. With my own recent move, I am happily separated from my bedroom/regular life. I may be tucked into a corner of the entryway to my house, but it’s my space to create in, and I LOVE it!! Congrats on the new chair and the desk all to yourself!!


  2. My favorite gift for writers I know I’m going to get is gift cards for our major book chain, which will go toward books to help me learn the craft: novels!!!! Lots of them. Now I just have to finish off my TBR pile.


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