The Magic of a New Year

New Year Sunrise
Image by joka2000 via Flickr

The Magic of New Year’s

Traci Kenworth


Soon the clock will tick down to a new year. I love the possibilities that come along with a promise of starting again fresh. We can change our outlook, our lives, our reality with just a few simple decisions. I find it such a magical and powerful time of year. Everything I’ve done this past year has built up to these last moments.

Do I have regrets? Not a one. I came further and faster this year than any other with my writing. I’m subbing and getting good responses (can’t ask for better than that). I’ve grown in my work so much. I know, of course, I still have a long way to go, but I also know I’m on the right road at last. For so many years I listened to people telling me what I couldn’t do, it’s such a relief to find out that not only can I do it, but I can enjoy it that much more.

Sure, I wanted to snag that agent this year, there’s still a few days left for that to happen, but I chalk things up to more experience. This year, I plan on continuing to strengthen my stories, and explore new opportunities. I’m going to read more, something that’s detrimental to the success of a writer. I’m going to do my best to learn more of my craft, to not cry over the mistakes, but shove forward with a new perspective.

I’ve got everything I need right here. All I have to do is use it and collect information to improve what I know. So, I’m going to continue with the invaluable bibles I’ve created for each of my books, do my research, and trust my instincts. I hope to discover the perfect agent/client relationship for me. I want to tell people I’m a writer and not cringe in spite of their disbelief, or scorn. I plan to be proud of myself and what I’m doing. After all, it was my decision to step into this pursuit of publication and I intend to charge ahead with all the hope and faith that I can do it.

So, here’s hoping I crack that code that wins an agent this year, and then go on to a successful partnership with an editor and her staff. One thing’s for sure, every step I take is going to be surer in the days ahead because I can finally admit to people who I am, warts and all. How do you plan to pursue your goals this new year? Always move a step up that ladder, when you stop growing, you stop learning. And life becomes dull. Don’t let that happen. Embrace the awesomeness the road ahead holds for you, no matter where you are in life. Good luck!!

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