Writing Goals

Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Writing Goals

Traci Kenworth


What are yours for the new year? After reading a recent blog about diversifying your genres so that you don’t end up stuck in one type, limiting the type of writing you can do, I’ve decided to try my hand at something other than horror this year. I want to be able to write the novel I want to write and not be pigeonholed into writing what others expect me to. That doesn’t mean that I plan to give up writing horror. It just means I want to explore new bridges alongside the old.

I have a time-travel and a western waiting in the wings I will pull out sometime this year. As well as delve into something perhaps I haven’t tried before. A writer pal of mine has done this for herself this past year and she’s not only succeeded at this different genre, but excelled. SO proud of her. Her success (as well as that blog) inspired me to think outside the box.

My first love, believe it or not, was fantasy. So, it might be time to look into writing something on that behalf. Marion Zimmer Bradley once gave me the advice to wait to write fantasy till you’ve lived. I think I’m ready, at last, to do so. I have a MG (I think) on my mind that I might try my hand at writing. It would be a good departure for me and stretch my wings. Yes, I think I’ve decided what I’ll do after I finish editing my last book, and writing my current and see where the road takes me.

So what are your goals this year? Do you intend to try something new? Even if it doesn’t work out, it’ll be an experience to learn from. And so, I’ll end with a favorite line of mine: “Have fun storming the castle.

6 thoughts on “Writing Goals

  1. Ohh good for you for changing genres – that can be tough. For me, I’m changing genres in the New Year from fiction to fantasy and horror. I have a novel I want to finish that is a fantasy novel, and I have a few short stories that are horror that I am rolling around in my head. But, really, I never thought I would return to genre fiction, but I am!

    My goals for the new year – finish my fantasy novel (ten years in the making! now I HAVE to finish it. Even if it’s just for me) and…for now that’s it…I’m too worried about messing up my first goal with my book to think of anything else.


    1. Sounds good, Nicole!! Good luck on the fantasy novel and the short stories!! Isn’t surprising what turns our life can take? I love writing horror but fantasy is my first love and something I’ve wanted to return to forever. My MG will definitely stretch my writing skills, but that’s a good thing.


  2. Bravo, for deciding to be brave and leave your comfort zone! As for me, one of my biggest goals for the year is to decide whether self-publishing or traditional is the way for me. I need to do some research, and realistically look at what I’m capable of and what I’m willing to do. After that, I’ll be setting goals in that direction. I also want to do my own version of NaNo; November is an awful month for me, so I want to do it maybe in March or April. I’ll be writing out all of my goals over the next week. Excited to see what the new year brings!

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse


  3. Thanks, Becca!! Good luck on the decision. This is an area I feel more and more authors are facing, traditional or self-publishing. There’s no doubt self-publishing has had great success for some writers, but for me, I’d really have to analyze the amount of time I put into it. Of course, I’ll probably put a lot of time into traditional promotion as well, just because you have to nowadays. Like you, I really need to do more research into self-publishing to understand how things work and the risk involved. I guess I’m just a little afraid of stepping over the precipice but that may happen if I want to get my book out there. A March or April Nano sounds wonderful!! I often wonder why they hold theirs during a holiday madness month.


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