8 thoughts on “Dreaming the Dream

  1. Traci, I can honestly say, I have never, ever had a dream like that. If I had, it would be one of the most disturbing anxiety dreams in my dreambank. So I’m glad I haven’t. xxp


    1. Pen, you have nothing to worry about, you are going to be huge but your fans will be endearing. I just remember Stephen King telling about meeting his number one fan–John Hinkley (I think I spelled that right). It gets one thinking. But most fans are just like us, enthusiastic about books and those who write them.


  2. I try not to dwell on the “famous” daydreams. I’m happy writing my stories and if one of them is well received, I’m all for it. If not, that’s ok, too.


  3. In high school and on into my 20s, I was horribly shy, too, blushing whenever I talked to guys, especially. Teacher training helped get over those fears of speaking to crowds. I’ve heard that organizations, like Toastmasters, do the same kind of thing. The other members guide you through your fears, help you deal with them to make you a better speaker. I’m sure when the time comes, you will be a wonderful speaker and your audience will love you! 🙂


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