A Second Lucky Meme Tag…

an internet meme
an internet meme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been tagged again by the lovely Penny Randall, check out her blog here. This is from my second wip TA. It’s about a wish, the fallout, and the horror that bulldozes all.

This is a scene between two friends who are discussing how life has derailed them all:

“Hey, if you’re talking about how something can crush you between walls—”

“No.” Jaw slack, Billy turned. “I mean insane. Like you’re lost inside a circus, the whole audience pelting you with rotten fruit, and all you can do is try and work your frown back into a smile and make them happy again.”

“Why try?”

His lips twitched.

I’m not going to pick 7 this time, so you can all relax. Heehee. Instead, I thought if you wanted to offer up a snippet of your work (The rules are: 7 lines down on page 77 of your manuscript and the first 7 sentences after that, with all the roughage attached.)

9 thoughts on “A Second Lucky Meme Tag…

  1. Thanks, Pen!! I was so worried about putting this snippet up, this story is part of the first one I ever wrote and it took getting some time under my belt to feel the ground under my feet and proceed firmly.


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