When Life Gets in the Way…

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When Life Gets in the Way

Traci Kenworth


You’re going along strong, every word is falling into place, every scene playing off of each other when *boom* something in life happens. It can be a car accident, the birth of another/or your first child, or as often happens, health problems. What do you do when any of these events happen? Do you give up? Put your writing away for a while? Struggle through?

For me, the keeping on seems to not only help but to get me over the hill and coasting along again. I won’t say it’s easy. In fact, sometimes, it’s a downright rough but things can and do turn around. How? Brainstorming. Jotting down anything and everything that comes to mind on a story helps get the creative juices flowing.

So, too, does pressing forward on a piece. Maybe you only get two lines down, that’s still an accomplishment. It’s setting you up for the next move, and the next one after that. Just keep pushing the boundaries and you’ll find yourself getting further immersed in your wip again. And before you know it, “the end,” will come along.

Any tips on how to keep going when things get tough? I’m sure we all have our own way of pounding on those keys and making our book open up to us again. I’ve found when life throws serious situations my way, to turn back to my writing, it’ll pull me through. And often, when the scare is over, I not only faced it to the best of my ability, I also have a lot to show for my efforts. How about you?


22 thoughts on “When Life Gets in the Way…

  1. Writing helps me process things, too – although, when something bad happens, it mostly turns into stream of consciousness stuff that’s meant to keep me writing until the block passes. (Sometimes, the stuff I was writing when I wasn’t writing makes it into my WIPs.)


  2. I have trouble writing when bad stuff happens. But I do love to see my word count creep up, plus after I’ve dealt with the bad stuff, I do feel like it gives me a better perspective for later on in writing.


  3. I need a reality check. I usually have tons of ideas for writing but when I get down, I really get down and have to reach out to someone to tell me…hello…get up and get going ’cause when life gets in your way it’s still moving.


  4. This sounds like good advice. I haven’t actually been working on anything constructive for awhile. I need to buckle down and get back to work! Thanks for giving me the boost I needed!


  5. Writing works on good and bad dayz
    busy days well we do what we can even if it’s a brainstorm
    we had a writing trip we had to postpone which is a bummer but life and the needs of family take precedence
    we are over at Ladys Knight
    finishing up the A to Z challenge


  6. Yeah. Life does get in the way. I’m coming up on a move which will throw everything out of whack for awhile. I’m with you–when these things, just do a little. Even if its just a few lines–doesn’t matter. Keeps you in the habit and makes you feel like you are still moving forward. Also, do anything that will inspire–read a book, go to a museum, etc. These things keep my head full of ideas.


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