The Liebster Award

I have two posts for you today thanks to the lovely mywitherskins!! She nominated me for the Liebster Award. As she defined on her blog, the word lieber comes from German and means, “love.” It also means cute, lovely, sweet or kind, and forms the stem of the word lieben, to love. Liebster is an adjective meaning favorite, dear, or loved or it can be used to refer to the person as darling or sweetheart. In any case, I am thrilled to have this award come my way!! Now, you’re supposed to make up 11 questions and nominate 11 blogs (only you can’t nominate the one who nominated you 😦  but as mywitherskins and her nominator did, I’m going to cheat a bit and name the blogs and answer 11 things about myself. So here they are:

kelbian naidoo

kit forbes

miranda buchanan

rebekah purdy

vanessa barger

penny randall

jennifer fischetto

joey nichols

cambria dillon

jessica neilson

Eleven answers about myself:

1) I write YA Supernatural Horror. But I plan to try my hand and m.g. fantasy sometime this year.

2) Historicals are a biggie for me. I wish I had the courage to write one myself one day. We’ll see.

3) I usually write early mornings/late afternoons.

4) My office is full of craft books as well as inspirational ones.

5) I LOVE coffee!!

6) I’ve just had some personal showerings/blessings that are going to make struggles financially a load easier.

7) I’m working on getting 3 novels out there right now: two ya supernatural horror, 1 adult western.

8) I adore mornings, the birds singing, everything feels so right in the world.

9) I started writing with the idea of becoming a screenwriter.

10) I also dabble in poetry.

11) I really enjoy making connections with others, getting to know someone better.

That’s it!! Please visit the ladies blogs above. I promise you’ll find they fulfill the liebster award requirements to the hilt.

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