Seems Like I Just Did This Post…

evolution of hard disk drive PCBs
evolution of hard disk drive PCBs (Photo credit: AutomaticDefence)

Hello. I will be away over the next couple weeks as my laptop will be shipping out tomorrow for repairs and that’s the approximation they gave me for a return. The hard disk has been damaged and needs replaced but when it comes back, it’ll be like a new computer!! It’s only a year old so the warranty still covers it. Which is great for me because my oven and broiler also went on my stove so that’ll need repaired as well. While I’m gone, I’ll be finishing my current wip and taking a break from it before diving into revisions for it to do betas at some point in the future.  I’ve learned so much in my writing, can’t wait to apply all my knowledge. I want this to be bigger and better than anything I’ve done before. They say to always improve and that’s my goal here. A little fearful of the query waters, but I’ll brave them when the time comes. So until I return, take care and God bless you!!


12 thoughts on “Seems Like I Just Did This Post…

  1. My oven broiler died too. 😦

    It’s always good to aim bigger and better with each book. Just think how great our books will be by the time we’ve written our fortieth (best selling of course). 😀


    1. Lol–not at all. I finished and I’m working on a short story as well that is a bit longer than I’ve attempted before but it’s really motivating me to go the lengths necessary to finish it.


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