Update on Progress


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Progress Update


Traci Kenworth




Things are going well so far. I’m digging deeper and deeper into edits and the changes


and questions that have come up. So far, I’ve changed one character’s gender and ethnicity, tweaked the background, and considered whether to leave-in or take-out the brief backstories I gave my two main characters. All the while, reading, and discovering that things are not as bad as they could be at this point. I like the story. It needs chipped away at still to become what it will, but it’s off to a good start.


Lest you should wonder if I’ve read the whole thing in its entirety yet, the answer is no.


I’m only on chapter four and still jotting down notes. Most of what I’m doing at this point, is absorbing what needs to be done to make things better. I’m enjoying myself though. Yes, that’s right. I used the right word. Lol. Editing is a tool used to shape the possibilities. A writer should learn to like the process if not love it because it helps to bring everything into focus for the story.


Good luck with your own stories, I’ll update from time to time as I go along.


10 thoughts on “Update on Progress

  1. Haven’t read it all yet, eh? I usually read it first, keep notes, then go back and edit. Funny how everyone does it differently. I find it fascinating, actually. I like how you are having fun with it. That’s half the battle isn’t it?


    1. Oh, yes, I’m reading and taking notes as I go. It’s a slow process as I try to absorb what I read and really think about what works and what doesn’t. Lol–yes everyone has a different process. I, too, am fascinated by other writer’s journey’s. Sometimes listening to them, I find new ways to help my own process. Oh and fun is definitely a plus. I’m just so happy I’m not “pulling teeth” over this one. That in itself makes me think my writing has grown stronger again,


    1. So true, Sara. If I were wrestling with the story at this point, I’d probably have a tougher time with momentum. Right now, I’m enjoying this stage as I know all the notes are only going to enhance the story in the end.


    1. We are so twins! Lol. I thing editing is one of my favorite parts of the process because it helps me make things more concrete. Whereas before my story might be on shaky ground in areas, it’ll help me make it stable.


    1. Thanks, Angela!! It is still slow going as I got hit with swimmer’s ear last week and besides not being able to hear that great, my balance, and everything is off. I’m still hanging in there though, and the notes have helped tremendously to help me flesh out the story even more.


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