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Book Review 2: 2013 My Dream of Heaven by Rebecca Ruter Springer

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Book Review: My Dream of Heaven by Rebecca Ruter Springer


Originally published as Intra Muros


Foreward by Vicki Jamison-Peterson


Traci Kenworth




Harrison House           2002                A Nineteenth-Century Spiritual Classic



This book sat on my shelf for far too long. I don’t remember when or where I picked it up but as part of the journey of reading inspirational works I’ve been on since last year, I sat down to read it. This book is amazing, so beautiful to read. It paints a picture of Heaven for us much like any Da Vinci or Van Gogh work of art. Rebecca Ruter Springer suffered an illness and during that time when she was on her death bed, she chanced to visit Paradise. I don’t want to argue the point that because she was sick, she only “dreamed” this happened. What I wanted when I read the book, was to open my mind to what the possibilities could be.


The joyful reunions with those who’ve gone before happen often. I think of my own loved ones who are there and imagine the happiness I’ll find when one day I visit with them again. No more tears, no more pain, to be hugged eternally by God, I can’t fathom a better comfort than that. As the story advances, we learn some things that may go on in Heaven. The spiritual meetings, how there’s no division in organized religions, many everyday “miracles” that occur there. It definitely sounds like an oasis.


I’m not saying everything she saw will come to pass. My own beliefs are that Heaven is a place of our own bliss magnified. The things I envision won’t necessarily be shared by everyone out there, nor what they do so, embraced by me. I love the story of the many books we’ve read and if you’re a writer have yet to write kept in huge, wall-to-wall libraries within our homes. Our desks sit waiting for us to pick up pen and paper or perhaps that old, trusty typewriter, or even maybe a modern day computer. This ideal makes me glow inside. To know that our journey is not truly “over” when death comes, but will go on forever. I’ve know this truth from my faith but to see it so elegantly expressed brings joy.


I encourage you to read this book, to let it “paint” a vision of what could be for you. Or to deepen your own beliefs. In a world so full of tragedy, it brings comfort to know that our loved ones are waiting for us, that their own struggles are over, that they are safe and loved, just as we will be when our time comes. It has indeed become a favorite of mine and a keeper, though I will lone it out to many I know in the hopes they might find peace within it as well. Hope you enjoy.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

9 thoughts on “Book Review 2: 2013 My Dream of Heaven by Rebecca Ruter Springer

  1. It was originally printed as Intra Muros first published in 1898, It’s said that the post Civil War era had a lot of spiritual questions (not unlike today) and she wrote 3 other books during this time but this one has stood the test of time. This is the only unabridged edition the Harrison House says. It was discovered by Vicki Jamison-Peterson who was dealing with the loss of a friend at the time and brought it to the publisher’s attention. It is teary-worthy, for sure, but it’s also comforting and well, just a glimpse into the Paradise we’d all like to visit.


  2. Show us whatcha got! The skillz to pay the billz. You’re writing skills are superior to those of many other bloggers these days! I can tell you take pride in what you write.


  3. I’m currently reading this little book. I don’t read many books outside of the Bible. I am so very excited to spend eternity with King Jesus! Amen!

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  4. A very special lady gave me this book. I had lost a 22 mo. old grandson and she had lost a daughter. She told me that she thought I would find comfort in the book. She was absolutely correct. This became my gift to friends and loved ones who were grieving. My 92 mother found such joy when she read the book. I’m about to purchase more copies to share with the ladies in Sunday School class. I highly recommend this book for anyone!


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