The Future of Book Reviews on This Blog

The Vault of Horror (book)
The Vault of Horror (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Future of Book Reviews on This Blog


Traci Kenworth




For some time I’ve been thinking about these book reviews and whether they take the blog in the direction I want it to go. I’ve decided that they don’t. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on reading books or the vast genres out there. It simply means, I won’t be reviewing them on here any longer. When I cut my blog down to two posts every other week, I struggled with what to post about. I love books, but I’m not so sure I’m personally a good book reviewer. Usually, what I end up doing is giving an outline of a book, my impressions/opinion, and then leave the rest up to the reader as to whether to look into that particular book or not. I know there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just, I feel that a review should be something more perhaps. And honestly, I have a hard time doing one for a less-than-stellar book. I feel bad for the author, as a writer I’ve been there, made those mistakes. I always look for the good in books, just like I do people. I don’t want someone to pick up a book I’ve reviewed and think, “Wow. She was way off,” or worse, that I lied.


So, deciding all this left me in a quandary. Until last night when I figured out just what I want to do. Attract future readers to my site. I know, every writer’s goal. I had to step back and think, what do I write, who is my audience, how can I invite others to take a peek (and hopefully, stay). As you can see from my “About” page, I write Young Adult Supernatural Horror. In there, I also said that I wanted to shine “a light in the darkness” for my readers. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m going to post preachy sermons or anything. What I am going to do is explore horror. Where it came from, how it started, different stories including classics and biblical history, all the spectrums of what it is, how it affects us, why we’re drawn to it.


Thus, I’m hoping to open up conversations with all of you on how you feel about it and the topics at hand. I’ll probably even visit movie-land’s depictions of it. I’m excited about this adventure. After all, my stories are about “more than a good scare.” They’re about hope, friendship, love, and beating “the devil.” I hope you’ll come along for the new posts starting in two weeks. Until then, take care.




11 thoughts on “The Future of Book Reviews on This Blog

  1. Thanks, Rebekah!! I do see great things I can bring to this and open up more in the field I write in. Plus, maybe I can go back to “enjoying” the books I read instead of feeling like it’s a mandatory chore that I get it done for a review. Lol.


  2. I think you’re doing the right thing if you aren’t getting excited about reviews any more. I also like the angle you are taking on Horror, especially as a teen horror writer. I think Paranormal romance gets a lot of air time, but Horror? Not for YA. I loved horror as a teen–still do. 🙂


    1. Oh, thank you, Angela!! I wondered what I could do to pull my future readers into reading/checking out my blog and I decided that I should focus more on the horror since that’s what I write. I’m excited because it will allow me to show more glimpses into my “writing” worlds and stories. I tend to include a lot of fantasy/magic in my books so that will also be there as well. I was hooked into horror as a teen too, so currently, is my daughter and son. There’s just something about being in that dark, scary place, fearing for your life, and making it back up the stairs unharmed.


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