Procrastinating…and the details

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Procrastinating…and the details


Traci Kenworth




Procrastination has been a serious wrench in my editing/rewriting as of late. Doubts sometimes creep in when we’re working on a project and this was no exception. Not misgivings about the story, but, well, me as a writer. Around me, I’ve watched others moving on with their books, getting published, receiving awards etc. while I’m still in the same place. Although, really, I’m not. In the same place. I’ve been learning, growing, coming to terms with things. I think it’s a path a lot of writers take in their journey, sort of losing that momentum, falling behind. The truth is, we need that to happen in order to re-focus on why we’re doing this, who we are, and to realize everything will fall into place when the time’s ready.


This is the time when some writers fall by the wayside, lose hope, and walk away. What’s more, I’m sure from what I’ve read on other author’s experiences, that it won’t be the last time something like this happens. You’ve got to decide whether you’re going to let circumstances make you or break you. I’ve decided to persevere. It hasn’t been my time yet, but one day, it will be. Since last fall, my writing has slid to a crawl in pace. Slowly, now, I’m picking up speed. It didn’t happen overnight. I’ve had to fight to get there but Spring is dawning. There is hope. Reading over my wip, I realize, I have something here. I have only to open myself up to the possibilities.


Ideas are brimming, popping up when least expected. Avenues that make sense, that excite the story. One day, I hope to be able to write as fast as I used to, but for now, I’m taking it one day at a time, knowing that I’m headed in the right direction. I may not get there as fast as I wanted to, but I’ll get there. How about you? Do you feel like giving up or have you walked away in the past, only to return anew? Hold on. You’ll reach where you’re going, it just takes time. I know that’s a pulling teeth answer, but it’s the truth. Juggling this life is tough in itself. That’s why we need each other’s support in this. Cheer your fellow authors on because in doing so, you’ll lift yourself up to the next level and soon, it’ll be your turn.






4 thoughts on “Procrastinating…and the details

  1. This is a perfectly timed post. I just received great news about my CP and I’ve been euphoric all day. That is until my own realty crashed down and I remembered I’d be querying soon. Suddenly I didn’t feel so hopeful anymore. And then I procrastinated. Which I usually don’t do.

    It was much more fun feeling high from my CP’s success. 😀


  2. It is, isn’t it? I LOVE that things are happening for those around me, but sometimes it does bring with it the fear that your own work won’t go anywhere. Hugs! I’ve still got some waves of editing/rewriting to go before I enter those query waters, but I feel the pressure and I have to remind myself my time will happen.


  3. It is so difficult at times, isn’t it? It can be great to hear the good news of others, but then we think, Okay, but when will it be my turn? When self doubt creeps in, we have to shut it down. We HAVE to. Otherwise, we become part of the group that decides enough is enough. And the worst part of this is wondering if we were really almost at the finish line, and had we just pushed a little more…


  4. Exactly, Angela!! It reminds me of the cartoon I saw circulating recently where a guy is digging through the rock and he gives up just before one more blow with the sledgehammer would break the way open. If he’d just known– That’s why we have to keep going. It’s SO easy to give up, tougher to stick it out, but when you do, amazing results can happen for you.


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