Ordinary Scares

Fear terror eye
Fear terror eye (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Ordinary Scares


Traci Kenworth






Sometimes fear isn’t caused by the unknown but something quite ordinary. What better to pull us in close and unleash deep fears than something we encounter daily and we don’t give a second thought? The face of a stranger. Who knows what lurks beyond that absent stare? Taking a walk through the woods? It’s hard to say what you could encounter. A trip down to the basement, what might be uncovered within? Everywhere we look, something ordinary can become something terrifying.


Who expects their house to become a war zone? Their local trip to the grocery store, a fight for his life? Even going to the doctor takes a strength we didn’t know we had sometimes. Fears surface we kept buried, or didn’t even know we had. It’s easy to think the Apocalypse could start due to aliens, another country, some plague; but, how about something so innocent as a dog on a back road? A child in her stroller? Going home again?


In horror, we take these things, work with them and see what we end up with. It’s about possibilities. Wouldn’t you rather walk into a tornado then put your family in jeopardy? Heroes are born because we overcome our fears. We face the darkness and light the candle, knowing maybe we won’t be alone, but doing it just the same. Sometimes, we are the biggest monster. Man vs. man has happened since Cain and Abel. There’s something deep, down within all of us that can manifest when we least expect it. Some are able to conquer it, others fail. It’s about beating back the darkness, staying in place around the campfire, waiting for someone to arrive at dawn to save you. And, if no one does, you risk everything yourself.


What ordinary things do you fear? What steps have you taken to combat them?






4 thoughts on “Ordinary Scares

  1. Brilliant post, Traci. It’s something I think about for each of my characters, but sometimes I swear they come out sounding similar, because I write romance. It was different when I wasn’t writing straight out romance.


  2. It’s tough to get that different sound for each character. Those who critique/beta for me say I manage this, though I try not to delve into the “how” too much. I’m kind of hesitant too, because I think if you try and pull things apart, they don’t always want to fit back together. One thing I notice, when I switch vp’s, I often do something else first. Get a cup of tea, eat something, so I can “settle” into the other character’s voice and thoughts. I don’t know why this works, but it does for me. It’s like I’m “turning the page” in my mind and refocusing. Don’t know if it helps to think like that, but thought I’d try and explain.


  3. Oh, I totally get what you’re saying about ordinary fears. The wild, fantastical types of scary stuff isn’t as scary because it’s not real. I recently watched Psycho again, this time with my son. Still freaky after all these years!


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