Superstitious…or not?

Superstitions (Photo credit: Emre Ergin)


Superstitious…or not?


Traci Kenworth




So, today being Friday the 13th, I had a question for all of you: Do you consider yourself superstitious…or not? Growing up, I never realized this day was supposed to be unlucky until after I knew about the films of this name, and it begs me to ask, did they inspire this? Or does it go back further in time? I had an uncle who refused to go out of the house on this day. A friend of mine swore it was her unlucky day and broke a bone almost every time it came around. I, personally, always had good luck on this day. I remember telling her that, to her horror. Years down the road, I delivered my daughter on, you guessed it. So, yeah, I smile when the day comes around.


I think it’s all about our mind-set. If we want to see something as superstitious, we will. Various searches as to why the day is considered such fly from such theories as Eve being tempted in the Garden on this day (though I wonder how anyone knows the exact dates of such?), to Loki being the last guest at supper, to the arrests of Knights Templar in 1307. Also mentioned is the Crucifixion. But no one knows for sure the exact reason it is. Like I said, I personally, don’t remember anyone making a fuss about it until after the films came out. I just always thought it was some sort of overflow from those.


So, what do you think? Lucky? Unlucky? What other superstitions do you observe? A pinch of salt over your shoulder? Mirrors breaking? A crow in the window? Do tell.


4 thoughts on “Superstitious…or not?

  1. The superstition has been around since before the movie, so have i lol but i don’t worry about the date i just look at it as another gift from God, this is the day the Lord has made… so yeah i will rejoice , i never knew where the idea came from but it has been around as long as i have and i used to be bothered by it but never knew why. i don’t have superstitions that i know of but i still hate it when a black cat runs across the road in front of my car. It happens at least once a week though so who can afford to worry about such things.


    1. Hey, Debbie!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it’s good to hear your views on things!! It definitely seems to be a strange day for some people, but again, I had good luck today. I got to hear others viewpoints as well on this day while out and some were amusing. Whether you fear the day, or go on, it’s a day to remember. And like you said, it is a day the Lord made, so it’s best to put forth our best effort on it.


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