Affirming my Dream

I’ve written stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I spent my time making scripts for every toy I played with. Creating was like air to me. In school, a lot of times I daydreamed tales that would take me away to fantastical worlds. Pursing a dream like this was out of the question for someone like me. I was poor and didn’t have the means to go after what I wanted. The years sped by until I got the nerve to announce I was writing a book. A few around me thought I could do it, but the majority advised me to give up, to do something practical. I let more time slip by during which I went through a dark period of my life (an abusive marriage). When I walked, more like crawled, away from my past, writing saved me, renewed me. It gave me hope. I hold tight to that today and keep on writing stories in the hopes that someday I will be published and even more, make a career out of this dream. Never again will I let someone tell me I’m wasting my time, to grow up, and put away my dreams. Dreams inspire us, dreams deliver us from destruction. When someone has no hope to kindle that flame inside them, they die inside. I don’t want to end up someone who wasted their life away, who never had the courage to attempt their journey. This is my time, my way. I believe I can do it, now I just have to step out there.


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8 thoughts on “Affirming my Dream

  1. I love this. I hope you are writing books about courage, Traci, because you obviously have it in spades. Keep believing in yourself and learning and writing. Dreams do come true, especially when you are enjoying the journey as well as moving toward the goal!

    Sending you a standing ovation!




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