Photo by greyerbaby at morqueFile.
Photo by greyerbaby at morqueFile.

IWSG Post 

Traci Kenworth


I think childhood was an important time for me in developing my creativity for later in life. I didn’t have a lot of the entertainment that’s available now, growing up in a somewhat poor family but I had my imagination and a great group of friends. I think it’s important to encourage imagination in our children, so that they can step back from all the technology out there and know how to do something on their own. Even as a child, I wrote. I wrote scripts for my cowboys and Indian figures, my Barbies, everything. I didn’t connect any of that to wanting to be a writer then. Because, well, writing wasn’t a viable career back then. Perhaps it still isn’t today. There’s lots of work, even more rejections, and you have to learn to persevere through it all. Creating stories is something I love to do though and it’s been something that’s helped me through life.

Nowadays it seems everyone wants to be a writer. Everyone has a book in them, the saying goes. I have books. I don’t want to write one, but as many as I can. I want to be writing something when my end in this world comes. There’s such joy and pain and satisfaction in it all. It’s the struggle to create something from nothing. And to make it good. Great even. This world was founded on stories. Those told around campfires, in castles, and even in our homes today. How dull would life be without them.

And to think it all starts with, “Want to hear something?”

Stories shape our lives, give us purpose. I don’t think they’ll ever go by the wayside because of this. We’ll always need them to get us through the dark, to learn to dance in the light, and to pick us up when we fall down. They encourage, develop a person, and show us the way. To think our love for stories all begins when we’re children and follows us throughout life is amazing. Childhood can hold such promise, such a future for us all.


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