Book Talk 1/8/16


Book Talk…1/8/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. Prince CaspianS. Lewis. 1951. HarperCollins. Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan return to Narnia a year later to find that time has sped up hundreds of years from their reign. Their castle is in ruin and they are thought ghosts. Prince Caspian, true King of Narnia, is fighting for his kingdom. He summons the four with Susan’s horn. His Uncle Miraz is trying to kill him to keep the throne for his newborn son. Slowly, the old Narnians return to aid Prince Caspian but will it be too late?


Another exciting adventure in Narnia!! I love the idea that you really have to believe in Aslan to see him and that it was harder for all but Lucy to see him at first. It brings an underlying faith to the story and I know I’ve read elsewhere about C.S. Lewis’s Christian beliefs influencing the story. I think that’s wonderful and may be why so many are fascinated by the tales. You just have to trust that he’s there, waiting to help.


The characters don’t really change much in this except to go from grumpy to champion status as in the old stories. So not much arcs.


The battle scenes are believable for the world they are in and I enjoyed that the children had to work to win this and it wasn’t just Aslan swooping in to save the day.


Three more of these adventures to go in the series but first, my attention is going to the Dark Rising series by Susan Cooper.


So tell me. Did you read Prince Caspian? What are your thoughts on the book? Have you read the series? Which is your favorite of the Narnia books?



4 thoughts on “Book Talk 1/8/16

  1. Wow, that cover is amazing!!! I loved all the books in the Narnia series, and while this one wasn’t one of my favorites, it was still quite enjoyable.

    It is a fitting book for the times, I think, especially as Christians around the world are being forced into hiding, both physically and symbolically, Lucy’s journey speaks to the struggle of all Christians who must follow the path of faith and obedience, even in the face of opposition.

    I think this book does a great job of addressing the issue of having faith in someone/something we cannot see as well as believing in God’s timing and purpose. I think we all question at points in time why God is not here, why if He is all-knowing and all-powerful, does He allow suffering and war, etc. Lewis addresses this in Prince Caspian, and how having faith can see us even through our darkest hour. After all, God is not a puppet master. He shows us the way, but lets us decide. I find that to be an empowering message from our Heavenly Father. Just my thoughts. 🙂

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  2. I have read this entire series multiple times. In fact, it kept me from treading a dark path when I was 12 and my parents split up. The encouragement I gained from Lewis and other fantasy writers at that time are what motivate me to write in the young adult fantasy genre. Maybe my book will be the one to give a teenager hope, pull them back from the edge of despair, make them believe in magic again.
    THE HORSE AND HIS BOY is my favorite book in this series. When I first read it, I was horse crazy and the idea of a talking horse was way too cool. Having read it several times since, I find I still like it (the haughty horse plays a role, yes) because it is one of the books where the characters do change and grow. There’s something of a mystery involved, too, which is always fun to try and sort out.
    I have also read Cooper’s series, but only once. Narnia always charmed me more than finding magic in our own world. That seems strange, doesn’t it?


    1. So far, I think The Horse and His Boy is my favorite too, but I also liked Prince Caspian. I missed these books years ago and I’m now eagerly going through the fantasy novels as well as other books. I love the message Lewis delivered in the novels and how even when you think all is lost, there’s always hope.

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