Book Talk…1/15/16


Book Talk…1/15/16
Traci Kenworth

1. Thief of Lies Brenda Drake. Entangled 2016. Netgalley. When Gia sees a mysterious, gorgeous guy in the Athenaeum she is shocked when the disappears into a library book. She investigates and finds herself, and her best friends, Nick and Afton, pulled into the book as well. Turns out there is a Mystik world and Sentinels guard the gateways between that world and ours. As the sentinels work to return the three to their world, they discover Gia is more than she seems. Her destiny may bring destruction to both worlds. As she races to stop this and fight a wizard bent on controlling her, another secret is discovered that just might destroy them all.

This book was HARD TO PUT DOWN!! I LOVED the characters!! The world seemed to grow naturally and be filled with real people. The magic Brenda Drake wrote about is felt in every word, every situation that arises. Gia is a proud, daring, at times shy individual who finds herself at the center of Doomsday. She handles it in the most humane way: she simply hoists her umbrella and follows the sentinel who becomes her heart and soul during this book. Not that she doesn’t worry about those left behind. Or get frustrated at what she doesn’t know, what she’s forced to learn in a hurry.

The plot was well-drawn. Who doesn’t love a story where the hero discovers they are not the shy, unworthy type? I can’t stress how real Gia seems. So personable. Around her, the other characters fill out the world well. From Arik who fancies her to Faith who guards her to her best friends Nick and Afton. If the book had a theme, I would say that it was about believing in yourself and learning to trust others to help in times you didn’t foresee as well as to be there to lend an ear when you don’t. The relationships shine in this book. I do wonder about the cat though. What happened to it? I suppose this question and others will be answered in further books in this series. If they’re anything like this one, they’ll FLY of the shelf!!

It has been an honor and a privilege to host Brenda Drake on my website. Previously, it was done on Blogger but someone hacked my accounts there and I didn’t get a chance to thank her for stopping by and allowing me to do her cover reveal as well as blog tour. She seems to be a genuinely nice and sincere author.

I’m giving this a 5-star!!

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