Writerly Things…1/29/16



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Writerly Things…1/29/16

Traci Kenworth


So, I’ve started on my third draft on my YA fantasy horror book and it’s going—slow. That’s because last month, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I’ve adapted to the brace I have to wear for it, but sometimes I won’t lie, it can be annoying. I have to constantly take it off to cook, clean, etc. and I forget to put it back on and then my hand starts hurting again. I will adjust it though, it’ll just take time.


On my WIP, I’m double-and-triple-checking facts. I’ve started a style-sheet for it just in case. There’s SO much world-building to write down, I run out of room. A style sheet, if you don’t know, is a sheet that lists for example, character’s names and descriptions, setting names and description, basically any little thing you need to remember and it’s also something that helps during publishing. A sort of fact-checker on its own.


I’ve struggled for a long time with feeling convicted about writing horror. I let too many people’s impressions that horror was written by so-called “bad” people. That’s not true at all. We’re just like everybody else. Writing horror doesn’t mean you’re evil or that you’re a serial killer in the hiding. In fact, most people I know that write horror are some of the nicest people you know. I guess it’s the stigma of the horror field that makes others feel this way. We’re not out here to inspire evil in others either. Unfortunately, and sadly, that is oftentimes already in the person. Horror is about beating the demons that walk through this life. To me, it’s about winning against the maliciousness in this life that would work to destroy us.


I love to add fantasy to mine because I’m a world-builder. I’m constantly creating worlds to write in and the two genres work together well imo. After all, there was horror in Tolkien’s LOTR series. Horror exists in life, there is only the overcoming that matters. We need to write stories to show that it can be pushed back, it can be wiped out, it can be defeated.


Until the next Writerly Things, take care!!



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