Book Talk…2/5/16


Book Talk…2/5/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. Don’t Vote for Me Krista Van Dolzer. Sourcebooks 2015. I won a copy of this on a blog tour. MG contemporary. David Grainger is tired of Veronica Pritchard-Pratt winning the election because she’s popular and no one dares run against her. When he opens his mouth one day at school to say so, it gets back to her. She challenges him to run against her. Being a band geek, his friends think he’s crazy. But slowly, others start to come around to the idea when he finds himself signed up for the race. Too bad he doesn’t want to win, or does he?


This book really surprised me in a wonderful and exciting way. From the moment David opens his mouth to the moment Veronica takes over the school’s announcements to challenge that someone who called her out on no one running against her, I was HOOKED!! I eagerly read to the end as fast as I could to see what happened. The twists and turns of this book kept me on my toes and there’s truly a DEEPER story here than what first meets the eye. The characters were HONEST and could fit into any middle school across the country. I was charmed by their stories. I encourage to let your middle-schooler try this—or snag a copy for yourself. Truly, truly a touching story.


The plot isn’t so twisty that a middle-schooler couldn’t keep up either, but feeds on what’s come before. Not that it’s predictable either. I just have to keep smiling on how good it made me feel that there are stories out there like this. I thought this was a typical populars versus band geeks at first but boy was I wrong!! The story has a deep, deep heart.


I look forward to seeing more to offer from Krista Van Dolzer in the future. I would LOVE to see where these two kids go in life but I’m not sure that’s what the plan is. In any case, 5 stars!!


One more thing: It’s a KEEPER!!


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