Writerly Things…2/27/16


Writerly Things…2/27/16

Traci Kenworth


So an Ohio winter can be a funny thing. One day it’s colder than an iceberg. The next, it’s fifty degrees out. Not that I’m complaining about the later. We’ve had a fairly mild one this year but I kind of expected such. I have walnut trees and this year, the squirrels didn’t pick up all the nuts that fell from them. Usually, the yard is bare. You can tell a lot about what’s going to happen just by watching the animals. It’s a useful bit of information for our stories. Pay attention to the animals who normally stay during winter. Are they collecting enough food? If not, it may be that the winter will be favorable. Like I said, we’ve had a few blasts of storms like the one that lasted a whole week before it warmed to Spring-like weather. Also the wooly-bears have two small dashes of black at either end of their bodies. Saw one last month. Yes, in Jan.!! These black splashes indicate if the winter’s going to be long and how it’s going to come in and go.


Why the above is important to me is, as someone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder, it’s comforting when you see these touches of Spring. It lets you breathe easier. My whole moods lighten. I can see the days lengthening now too and that’s another relief. And when I see these changes going on around me, it makes me able to concentrate on my writing more instead of the dark creeping into my days when winter’s on. How about you? Do the winter months affect you? Make you a little off your game? Isn’t it nice to get those hugs of warm weather, the sunshine, and the extra daylight hours?


In writing-related-news, I entered a contest. I got in the Top 50 but didn’t make it into round two. I’m a little sad but the writing goes on. It wasn’t my time. It will be one day!! I learned about Master Outlines over at Silver Threading. I think it’s going to be a real gift. In the past six months, I’ve learned the benefits of outlining and this can only add to my writing strengths. Colleen Chesebro always has such good things on her blogs. Very helpful. You should visit!! You might find something you like. How is your writing going? Or reading?


As I’ve said two posts ago, reading has really helped me out in my writing. I absorb as much as I can from doing so. Right now, I’m reading four books, one in hardcover, three in paperback, as well as two romances online. I like to read more than one at a time, amazingly, I can keep the storylines all straight. What good books have you read recently? Re-read? Any you want to recommend?


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