Book Talk…3/4/16


Book Talk…3/4/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. Naked A Body & Soul Novel Gina Gordon. Loveswept Jan 2016. Netgalley.

Violet Walker has a past of secrets that she wants to hide from everyone including her family and friends. Noah Young is her neighbor, trying to restore his mother’s old house, and catching the eye of his new neighbor, Violet. The two come together for what’s supposed to be a four week, no-strings-attached sex romp but temporary is anything but true for these two.


Violet spent her whole life trying to live up to her beautiful image but when a car accident leaves her life shattered, she has to learn how to come to terms with the woman she was and the one she wants to be. As she spies on her next-door neighbor while he constructs his house, she has no idea she’s about to meet the man-of-her-dreams or what it’ll cost her. Suddenly life at the country club seems so dull. As she learns to open up to Noah and what she wants, things begin to fall apart in her life. How can she convince the board of directors of her father’s company that she’s the right woman to take over her father’s job when she’s not even sure she can handle it herself.


This book deals with body image. How each of us secretly thinks of our flaws and how we don’t give enough credit to what makes us, us. I love the secondary characters in this book too from both families to the friends of Noah and Violet. Especially Harper who helps Violet overcome her tragedy and brave things for a new chance at life. Maybe if each of us could learn to think of ourselves more kindly there wouldn’t be numerous tragedies in our own lives. I think this is an important book for every woman to read, to discover she’s beautiful no matter the reason she thinks otherwise. I’d like to see more books like this one!! I look forward to reading Inked Harper and I hope—Luke’s—story in the future.


5 stars!!




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