Writerly Things…3/19/16

Leigh Kendell Unsplash

Leigh Kendell Unsplash

Writerly Things…3/19/16

Traci Kenworth


I’ve just been puttering along on my WIP with editing. Sometimes slow is good though. It makes you more aware of things that might need fixed, things to deepen, roads to go down. I know that some might be under the impression that writing a book is a snap but it takes a lot of hard work. We want our product to be the best that it can be and sometimes editing can really cause you to tear things apart and build a better book. It’s all good in the end. I tend to be someone who likes the editing better than writing the first draft. I get frustrated easily when what I want to say doesn’t end up down on the paper. As I go back through in other drafts, I can slowly chip away at the coal and find the diamond beneath.


One thing I’ve accomplished this week is partnering with the ladies at YAFF (Young Adult Fiction Fantatics) to bring back YAFF Muse. That’s where we take a picture, idea generator, bit of poetry etc. and write a short piece to go with it. We hope that this will introduce some of our writing to those of you out there who might look our stuff up. It’s also an exercise that inspires us to perhaps generate a longer story out of it. To me, it’s a chance to complete something each month that will help gain confidence in my abilities. It will take place on the third Wed. of every month starting in April. I hope you’ll tag along for the fun!!


As the school year winds down, I’m both saddened that my oldest child will be graduating and excited that she’ll get the chance to pursue what she wants to do with her life. She wants to be a writer—imagine that!! Her main focus, however, will be on Animation and Game Design as a minor. She has some fantastic stories to tell!! She can also draw cartoons at the drop of a hat so like they are on TV that it’s amazing. She’s got her own animation story ideas and storyboards for them. For the game design, she likes games like Pokemon, Sims, and Minecraft. She has plans for the games too. I can’t believe she’s old enough to be graduating. My, how the time has flown!


My son is into games too. He wants to work with the code side of them though. He’s got some years ahead of him still though. Thank you for visiting my blog!! Take care and God bless!!

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