Book Talk…3/25/16

Book Talk…3/25/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. The One-in-a-Million Boy Monica Wood. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Apr. 5 2016.

Ona Vitkus hasn’t been happy with the young boys sent to help her out around her house for a long time but one boy changes that. They strike up a friendship and have plans for her to have a big finish. One day, however, the boy doesn’t show up. Instead, his father shows up in his place. Quinn Porter has been chasing a dream to be a musician in a big band his whole life. It made him an absentee husband and father. With the boy’s death, he takes up his obligation to help Miss Vitkus to feed her birds. Soon, the jobs turn bigger and a friendship is struck up between the two.


Quinn doesn’t know how he feels about his son. Doesn’t know him really. But he’d like to. He doesn’t understand why this happened. He doesn’t understand his son and his methods of counting and his obsession with The Guinness Book of World Records. Through spending time with Ona, he learns about her life and about the boy. He still doesn’t understand him. He wonders if there was something to be concerned about with him. Because of his absence in his son’s life, he continues to send child support to his ex-wife, Belle, faithfully.


When the three of them end up on a road trip to discover what happened to Ona’s birth certificate, fireworks fly.


I enjoyed this book immensely. I laughed, cried, and repeated throughout. It’s the story of how well do we really know someone, even ourselves. Sometimes things happen in our past we’re ashamed of or circumstances we wish we’d done differently with hindsight. Sometimes things happen to us, and we don’t know the truth until confronted with it much later. Anyway this book will make you think about your life, your loved ones, and your friends.


I give this a 3 ½ stars.




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