Writerly Things…3/26/16

Rosan Harmona Unsplash

Rosan Harmona Unsplash

Writerly Things…3/26/16

Traci Kenworth


Does Inspiration Fuel Your Writing?

I think inspiration does fuel your writing to a degree but for the times when there’s no inspiration, you have to dig down deep within your soul and find something to go on. It’s there, I promise you!! This past week I have a bit of a crisis going on in my household. I’m at a loss on how to solve the problem. Well, I have ideas but no certainty they will work out. I’ve found, however, that my writing has soared as I mull what to do about the problem. Perhaps I work best under stress, we shall see.

The point is, yes, inspiration is glorious when you have it but sometimes the high of it goes away and you find the stuff you are made of. I think that’s how we survive this writing business. We keep on, even when the door is closed and its dark outside. We keep on through the pain, frustration, and even the anger. It helps clear our head and focus on the story, if only to forget the real world for a while. I wish it were not so. Sometimes I wish bad things didn’t happen but they do and you find the starch inside to go on.

Keep writing, you’ll get there!!

Anyone else having a rough week? Want to share some survival tips?

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