Writerly Things…4/2/16

Rachel Davis Unsplash

Rachel Davis Unsplash


Writerly Things…4/2/16

Traci Kenworth


How much time do you spend on your writing career?


This is a complicated answer. Complicated, because it varies. There are things I do that I consider part of the time I take for my “writing” time that are not necessarly the practice of writing. Reading, for instance. I try and read as much as I possibly can. I have titles I review for Netgalley. I also have 2-3 books from the library at the moment and another book I take with me to appointments. I have various craft books I’m reading though those have been pushed aside of late due to some other events.

I also spend a fair amount of my time researching. From online sources to library books to books I’ve collected over the years in the areas I’m interested in. I devote time to learning both my craft and the business side of writing. These days you have to. You can never learn everything about writing, there’s always something you learn from each book, each place, each character you create. When you stop learning, I would think that would be the time to stop writing. Because, if not, your writing is going to get stale. To live is to learn. But who knows, ask me in a few years and my answers might change slightly.

The time I spend prepping for my blog can differ as well. I spend 2-3 hours each night usually going through, reading different blogs and newsletters to scour for content. Sundays are usually my nights for scheduling the blogs and then opening up docs for the week ahead.

As far as writing, itself, I usually start at 7 a.m. and work till 11 a.m. or sometimes till noon depending on how things are going. Sometimes the words are flowing freely, other times they’re like bashing your fingers with a hammer. Before I go to bed each night, I usually skim over my notes in my journal for my story and set my mind on what I want to do for that next day. And there you have it. Most of my days are spent this way unless I’m running to appointments or holidays or something else. Then I shuffle things and do the best I can.


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