Writerly Things…4/23/16


Koan Morguefile


Writerly Things…4/23/16

Traci Kenworth


I’ve been reading elsewhere this month about the perils of writing sf/f for a women writer. It seems a large percentage of the male population hesitates to read anything by a female writer. And rather than isolate this percentage, some females are assuming a male pseudonym. I can see their point in doing this. I mean, why handicap yourself out of the gate? At the same time, I see no reason for a women to hide her indentity either. I mean, once MG & YA audiences found out J.K. Rowling was female, that didn’t stop them from loving her books. There are plenty of respected female writers as well in the sf/f genre and I hope that doesn’t discourage anyone from reading their works. I think it’s actually a shame if anyone decides not to read a book based on what sex the writer is.

I think as audiences age this is going to, hopefully, be less of a problem because those same MG & YA audiences who enjoyed J.K.’s books might read other female witers. This will help open up things for new writers as well. Or, at least, I hope this is he way things go in the future. If we want to learn each others differences, we need to take a chance. All my life, I wanted to write fantasy. I was afraid of the genre for many years because I knew such greats as Marrion Zimmer Bradley had been there before me. It’s only been in recent times that I felt brave eough to venture into it. I want to do the best I can, to prove myself to not only my audiences, but myself. I don’t want to have to limit myself because someone might not read me because of who I am. I think that’s a shame, but like I said, I have high hopes for the readers of tomorrow.



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