Author Asks the Reader


Writerly Things…5/14/16

Traci Kenworth


Welcome to Author Asks!! This is something new to my site as a way for me to get to know readers better. First up, I want to get your opinions on what happens when your favorite character/s get killed off in books/TV shows/movies etc. Does it keep you reading to find out what will happen to the others? Or do you stop reading/watching? For those of you who do read/watch on, what keeps you going? Do you ever get tired/frustrated by it all? When is enough, enough?


I bring the questions up as to recent developments on TV shows/books and wondered if anyone is impacted about this enough to stop watching/reading at any time? I have to admit that The Walking Dead’s finale has me thinking of not watching any further and likewise not watching Fear the Walking Dead either. Elsewhere Once Upon a Time’s recent turn of events has me questioning whether to stick with the show in the hopes of a hidden ending somewhere as well.


I admit, there are certain authors/books I will not read because I know the body count will be high. I know some characters have to die or storylines come to an abrupt end, that would be unrealistic to think that they wouldn’t, but I’m just wondering what the opinion is for the typical reader/viewer out there? When do you say goodbye to a book/TV show?


As a fair turn, are there any authors out there who regret doing away with characters? Has it ever cost you readers?


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