Muse Wednesday

Muse May 18th

No Turning Back


I could see her there. Waiting. Wondering if I was coming. “Let’s make a new start,” I told her. Except I couldn’t. As much as I wanted to do so, there were unforeseen complications. Mother being one. If I left, she’d hunt us down. Do who knows what to Jes. I couldn’t put Jes in that kind of danger. So, me standing here on these fence posts wasn’t going to work. I had to turn and go before Jes spotted me. And go where? Back to mother? No. I couldn’t go back there anymore. What I told Jes was true. I was done with Brighton, Ohio. Better out there in the world somewhere. Better on my own. I jumped down from the fence posts just as Jes spotted me. Damn!

She waved and ran toward me. I had to think of an excuse. Of why I couldn’t go. Lie to the girl I maybe loved. All to protect her. And myself.

“Hey,” she said coming closer.

I closed my eyes. Do it. For her own good. “I can’t go,” I said.

“But why?” She stumbled.

“I’ve got my reasons.”

“Which are?”

“I can’t leave my mom.” I sighed at the weak excuse.

“Because she treats you so good?”

I shook my head. “Because—”

“I get you’re afraid. I am too.”

“That’s not it.”

She touched my arm. “Then tell me the truth.”

“She’ll kill us.”

“So will my parents.”

“No,” I said. “She’ll literally kill us.”

“She’s not that bad?”

The truth sprang to my lips. “She killed my brothers. When they tried to leave. She killed them.”


Footsteps sounded behind us. I turned to see mom. Sweat moistened my skin.

She put a hand to her hip. “You’ve got that right.”



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