Book Talk…6/3/16

Book Talk…6/3/16

Traci Kenworth


Greenwitch Susan Cooper. 1974 Alladin Paperbacks. MG. Barney, Jane, and Simon embark on another adventure with Gummery. This time, Will Stanton tags along surprised to meet Merriman again. If you haven’t read this series, this book brings together characters from books one and two. Barney, Jane, and Simon having discovered the Grail in Under Sea, Over Stone find out that the Grail has been been stolen by the Dark. Will, who had his own encounter with the Dark and is the last of the Old Ones with Merriman and Captain Toms. When the Dark manifests as a crazed painter, Will, Merriman, and Captain Toms try to keep the kids safe. Jane thinks there may be more to Will than the others think. When the Dark contacts the Greenwitch for a favor it is up to all to fight back the rising tide of evil.


The characters in these books don’t have much of what you call arcs to them. They don’t necessarily grow or change during the book. The adventure is exciting though and I can see why the series is so beloved. I found the plot pretty straightforward with a few surprises here and there. There was a portion I found a little tedious and lacking in the excitement it should’ve had. I wish that Will had been given more to do in this.  All in all though, a good follow-up to the first two books. I look forward to reading The Grey King.


****4 stars!!

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