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Fantasy Talk…6/5/16

Traci Kenworth


Why I’m Drawn to Fantasy?


Fantasy has been a genre I’ve loved since my late teens. Although I didn’t read Tolkien until ten years ago. I read a lot of Marion Zimmer Bradley. Some Mercedes Lackey and quite a few issues of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine back when I first read the genre. I liked the sword and sorcery tales to begin with. Recently, I’ve been trying to read the classics, starting with C.S. Lewis. I’ve got the last book in that series to finish. I’m also reading Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series. I’ve read a lot of YA fantasy books.


When I think of fantasy, I think of other worlds different than our own. I like to explore what’s happening in them. Sometimes it’s fun to bring those other worlds into our own. There’s so many roads you can take with fantasy. I used to think I wrote dark fantasy. That was before I read that dark fantasy isn’t necessarily scary. I do bring an element of darkness to the stories I wrote. Most likely, it’s influenced by all the horror novels I read growing up. However, fantasy won out in the end. I will always probably love to add that scare in my stories but I love to take a trip through the world, learning what I can about the people who live there.


I don’t necessarily write Tolkienesque fiction, I love quests don’t get me wrong, the groupings of characters, the journeys they struggle to go through. My books tend to be a bit in the veins of  Cassandre Clare or Phillip Pullman. On the romance front, I love time-travel books. Having the heroine get thrust into another world unfamiliar to her. And I call it another world because it would be alien to her just to go say twenty, or thirty years in the future. I enjoy reading about how they adapt to such and even if they make it back where they came from or decide to stay. I’m more a future time-travel than a past ala Back to the Future. I like to imagine what will happen.

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