Book Talk…7/1/16


Book Talk

Traci Kenworth


A Haven on Orchard Lane Lawana Blackwell. Baker Publishing Group. Christian. 2016. Netgalley.


Charlotte is a retired actress who’s glory days linger in her memory. After marrying three times, she’s stuck in the last marriage to an abusive man. When fate intervenes and sends her a letter that will lead to one last hurrah, she grabs it and sneaks out of the house. On the night of her performance, her husband sends her a letter just as the curtains is about to raise and it devastates her turn. Broken, penniless, and housed in a mental facility, her doctor turns to the one person who might help: her estranged daughter Rosalind.


Rosalind hasn’t seen her mother since she was packed off to her abusive aunt’s when she was just a child. She is reluctant to help her mother but feels duty-bound after her school mistress advises it. She hides the two of them out in a small coastal town to avoid others catching wind due to her mother’s fame and scandal. She doesn’t think of the possibility of falling in love there let alone healing her relationship with her mother.


I felt both characters were drawn in well and the plot was interesting. It’s set back in the historical period so that might appeal to some readers. I had thought though the book was going to go a different direction in the beginning but it turned out just as nice. Maybe even better in some eyes.


4 stars!!


All the Feels Danika Stone. Swoon Reads. 2016 YA. Netgalley.


Liv is extremely into fandom. When her favorite movie, Starveil, kills off the major character she is devastated. She mopes around until she comes up with a brilliant idea: bring him back via social media. She ropes her best friend, Xander, who wants to be an actor into doing a series of trailers. Soon the whole Starveil fandom is abuzz with their efforts. And for Liv and Xander there may be more in the cards for the two when the flirtation turns into more. The only problem is Xander has a girlfriend. What’s Liv to do?


Liv was a little hard to identify with at first but then, you’ve got to put yourself into the idea of one of your shows killing off the major character and how that’d make you feel. Xander is likeable enough, heck, all the Joss Whedon references make you think of Nicholas Brendan in that role. Who didn’t want him to get a better deal than he often ended up with? The plot is a little thin but it’s more than made up with story.


4 stars!!

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