Book Talk…7/15/16


Book Talk…7/15/16

Traci Kenworth


The Grey King Susan Cooper. 1975 A Margaret K. McElderry Book.


When Will Stanton becomes seriously ill, he is sent to Wales to stay with his mom’s cousin. His illness causes him to lose sight of who he is, an Old One, one of the ancient race that fights against Light and Dark. This is the third book in the Dark is Rising series. He must recover his health even as he is put to test in a fight against the dark once more. This time centers around a boy his age and two dogs who a sheep rancher accuses of being sheep killers. Is there something more at work here?


The character of Will is an endearing one. He’s more cautious than the other Old Ones and yet dares more than all. A relentless rhyme is in his head. He knows it’s important but not why. He thinks he’s an ordinary boy trying to get better. Slowly, the truth comes back to him and he must race against time to save the day. These books explore the King Arthur myth. I am new to reading them and I’m enjoying them very much. The twists caught me by surprise. I have one left of these to read, Silver on the Tree.


I’m using this as the third genre book as suggested by James Scott Bell’s book, Plot and Structure. By doing so, I’m learning about the different types of scenes used in books and where they come about in a novel. He asks a series of questions in the books which I’m answering book by book. I plan to do this with romance as well when I finish with fantasy.


Anyone out there who wants to share their thoughts on this series? Or doing the suggested study by James Scott Bell?




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