Writerly Things…7/17/16


New things I’m learning: analyzing books in the genres I write in as discussed in Book Talk already. In Plot and Structure, James Scott Bell talks about learning to recognize the different scenes in a book and how to use that info to improve your own writing. I’m finding it most helpful. He believes wholeheartedly that writing can be taught. It’s not necessarily something you are born to. I am studying book three of the five in the genre I write in right now. I plan to follow up with the different age groups I write for as well as the romances.


It’s been a hot and muggy week in Ohio. There’s been some storms, wind damage and wires down around Youngstown. Not much here though.


The farms have been moving their cows again. They drive them from one pasture to another in a huge cattle trailer. I don’t mind living next to farms. It’s kind of peaceful and exciting to see the changes occur from time to time. I especially like the horses. I used to always want to own my own but finances have kept me from that dream right now. Maybe someday.


I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X. I’ve played it before, a long time ago. My son’s almost to the end but I’m just to the third town at the moment. There’s a lot I’ve forgotten but it’s fun to catch up. We have a couple more Final Fantasy games waiting in the wings and then we’re going to try to catch up on the rest before the new one releases later this year.


On the writing front, I lost three chapters from my book which I thankfully have the notebook copy for, so I’ve been busy typing those back into the computer and saving on the flashdrive and online backup. It’s so easy to lose things, don’t forget to save or have a copy somewhere so that you don’t lose your work. Well, that’s all for this week. Take care and God bless!!


6 thoughts on “Writerly Things…7/17/16

    1. They’re great resources. I’ve learned a lot from doing this simple exercise of analyzing the different books in the genre I want to write in. Of course, there are genres and age groups to study in the future, lol.

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