Reading Links…8/3/16


Reading Links…8/3/16

Traci Kenworth


Fantasy/Dystopian/Space Opera/UF/Paranormal/SF:

  1. Second book in the Corum series.
  2. The story of a princess in hiding pretending to be another princess.
  3. The myth about the deaths of Castor and Pollux.



  1. Every girl needs a band.



  1. A local energy planet has been doing weird research.
  2. Firestarter revisited.
  3. Christine, Bethany’s Sin, Something Wicked This Way Comes…



  1. A neighbors death sends life reeling.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas:

  1. Big hitters.
  2. Each story shares a theme.


Comics/Graphic Novels:

  1. Revenge and repercussions.









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