Writerly Things…8/7/16


Writerly Things…8/7/16

Traci Kenworth


So hospital visits took precedence this week and it shows in my links. I will try and get back to things soon. I did manage to get my office rearranged today, that’s a plus. Not sure if it will work out yet, but we’ll see. Spent some time at the Amish farms this week getting some tomatoes (my fav), peaches, and baby red potatoes. I even managed to sneak some lettuce in. Of course, the kids were all about the peanut brittle, lol.


I did sketchy work on my WIP this week as can be imagined. The pain kept me from being able to do too much. Luckily, the doctors at the ER found what was wrong. I’m still in pain but hopefully, that’ll lessen in the days ahead. In all honesty, it turned out to be something I didn’t even suspect.


Anyone else excited about the new Harry Potter book coming out? I can’t wait to get a copy. Well, I think a peach is calling my name. Take care, and God bless.




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