Book Talk…8/12/16

Book Talk…8/12/16

Traci Kenworth


Her Highland Rogue Violetta Rand. A Highland Rogue Novel. June 28, 2016. Netgalley.


Errol McRae is son of the Chieftan who has managed to continuously disappoint his father. Sent after a kitchen girl when he’d rather be sharpening his sword for battle, he has no idea that the woman he’s going after will be his undoing. Aileana was found on the McRae lands as a child and raised in their household as a daughter to the Chieftan. He has no patience for a lass that doesn’t understand her place in life. Until he learns why she fled. Rather than be left to the advances of a warrior, who happens to be Errol’s friend, she chose freedom.


When Errol offers his protection he has no idea what he’s getting into. Aileana already suffers at the hands of the women of the castle who think she is little importance. He tries to inspire her to have faith in herself but finds instead that he must offer marriage instead as his friend refuses to turn aside. Before they can be married, the friend attacks Aileana and warns her to be gone, freezing at the sight of her ship necklace. Aileana flees to the witch who offered her protection when she first fled.


She takes Aileana to her homeland, the sworn enemy of the McRaes. Can Aileana and Errol somehow bridge their two worlds and be together or must they become sworn enemies?


I found the book very enchanting. The risks each characters goes to, to protect the other is heartwarming. This was a quick read for me because of such. The plot was tight and woven together as it should be. The characters were rich and memorable. I’m a sucker for Scottish romances and this proved to be no exception. It is on the sweet sight until much further in and even then, not over the top.


Five stars!!25521589


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