Writerly Things…9/4/16


Writerly Things…8/4/16

Traci Kenworth


There is a time for sadness and a time to let go. I have some wonderful memories to hold on to and someday I’ll see my pet again. We were able to get our other cat in and discover he had an allergy. He’s recovering now. So that’s a big plus.

My daughter is switching her major to web design. Like my son, she wants to go into game designing/programming. She wants to create her own games and sell them. So does my son. I love to hear the excitement in their voices when they speak about their dreams. I hope they pursue them and succeed.

Life has been interfering with my own edits. I hope that lessens soon. I need to get more done and start my other project. I think it will help me get going on the editing. In the fall, I usually work on different projects. I find it helps me focus. It brings enthusiasm back for my writing. I’m not sure how this fall will go with all the chauffeuring I’ll be doing. It could cross lines with things so I’ll have to deal with that. Hope you all have a blessed week!! Take care and God bless!!




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