Reading Links…9/22/16


Reading Links…9/21/16

Traci Kenworth


Fantasy/Dystopian/Space Opera/UF/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF:

  1. How many strikes do you give someone?
  2. An UF with a side of mystery!!
  3. Lots of goodies in new releases!! And old!!
  4. What would you do if you discovered your world was a lie?
  5. Incredibly realistic!!
  6. The story of a witch and a technological genius!!
  7. $5 gets you 5, $15 gets you all!!



  1. A thrilling adventure where nothing is quite as it looks!!
  2. Can Payton find a way to impress a guy and help her team out?
  3. Which one will do the other in first?
  4. Doodles and story too!!
  5. A young boy trains to be a dragonrider.
  6. Will he give up his career for the girl of his dreams?
  7. A coming of age story.



  1. Check out Annie’s works!!
  2. The Hellequin novel six.
  3. Pumpkins and spooky decorations to that chill stories bring.
  4. Grimmfest Festival.
  5. Does the will to live mean the will to kill?



  1. Author of The Rook, The Bishop and more.
  2. Homegrown detective meets rival school classmate.
  3. A bit of a poor man’s Man in a Brown Suit.
  4. What would you do if a psychopathic killer held all the cards?
  5. Will terrorists find the Earth a good place to take over?
  6. Based on the Texarkana Moonlit Murders.
  7. An assassin who may one day be the First Lady!!
  8. Did outlaw bikers murder someone?
  9. Is she responsible for two auditor friends’ deaths?
  10. A thief, a cop, a very bad cop and a huge robbery in London.
  11. Fashion and murder.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas:

  1. Lisa’s take on the book!!
  2. From Victorian London to the perfect fifties.






  1. Use beats to show emotions.



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